Who We Serve

Lumen Academy aspires to be a space where neurodiverse children feel welcomed – safe to be themselves and to explore their potential.  We are especially equipped to serve those with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis and children with medical necessity for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Twice-exceptional (2e)
  • Other childhood disintegrative disorder
  • Asperger’s syndrome
  • Other pervasive developmental disorders
  • Pervasive developmental disorder, unspecified
  • Any child with a medical referral for ABA

Acceptance criteria:

  • Toilet trained by the date of entrance
  • Basic emerging language skills by the date of entrance (may include usage of an assistive communication device)
  • Not demonstrating routine/consistent aggression, violence or severe verbal or physical tantrum behaviors
  • Entering Kindergarten – 6th grade by the date of entrance (for school year 2019-20)
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