Who We Are

IMG_6442.pngDr. Angela Calhoun has been working with special needs children since 2001 when she started her own business providing ABA services—and she’s never looked back!

While working with neurodiverse children, Dr. Calhoun received her Chiropractic degree in 2009. After receiving her Chiropractic degree, she became a Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst. She has furthered her education by pursuing post-doctoral work in functional medicine and neurodevelopment/neurointegration therapy – programs that have allowed her the opportunity to work with prominent pediatricians and organizations dedicated to Autism research. She is an expert in all forms of ABA including the latest cutting edge technologies, as well as other therapeutic styles such as Verbal Behavior Therapy and Relational Frame Theory. Dr. Calhoun opened her Washington ABA clinic in 2015.

Dr. Calhoun’s mission and passion is to provide world-renowned behavioral and biomedical treatments for those with neurodevelopmental disorders.


lucine headshotLucine Drake is co-founder and President of Lumen Academy. She studied cognitive and behavioral neuroscience at Bryn Mawr College and at Oxford University, and has spent her career in marketing and project management. Now a mother of four, she entered the autism community when her eldest was diagnosed at age 4. Her own diagnosis soon followed, and subsequently the discovery of her daughter’s and her own twice exceptionality (or 2e). She continues advocacy work for autistic children both in public and private school systems, girls on the spectrum, and 2e autistic children.


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