Embedded Therapies

Educational programming at Lumen Academy incorporates intensive and structured teaching methods. These methods focus on the enhancement of communication skills, the facilitation of learning readiness skills, and the development of academic learning.

Lumen Academy is designed for individuals with autism and related neurological differences. Treatment plans are based on the development of language, social, motor, academic, and self-help skills and is guided by developmental, functional, and norm-based curricula. Each student’s strengths and weaknesses are evaluated, and an individual program plan is developed based on each student’s unique learning needs.

Treatment plans are created by our entire multidisciplinary team. Therapy goals are addressed through the collaboration of licensed behavior analysts, behavior technicians, paraprofessionals as well as multidisciplinary professionals trained in all intervention strategies.

Lastly, and most importantly, the school recognizes that these embedded therapies are effective in meeting the communication and sensory needs of students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Our school’s philosophy of embedded therapies reinforces the structure and intensive programming techniques that are incorporated within the class setting.

Applied Behavior Analysis

As a basis for the classroom programming, components of Applied Behavior Analysis, the Picture Exchange Communications System (PECS), Direct Instruction, Verbal Behavior Therapy and TEACH-style independent workstations directly lend to the embedding of sensory integration, occupational, and speech/language therapies into the classroom curriculum. Due to the ongoing need of these related therapies by most individuals with autism, the “pull-out” model of direct services must be altered in order to effectively provide for more comprehensive therapy interventions. In order to more effectively serve our student’s individual needs a shift from a “pull-out” therapy model to an embedded, collaborative, classroom model is necessary.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is provided on-site by Children’s Therapy of Woodinville. Please see their website for more information about their philosophy and practice.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is provided on-site by Children’s Therapy of Woodinville. Please see their website for more information about their philosophy and practice.

Neurodevelopmental Therapy

Neurodevelopmental therapy is the concept of the nervous system as the modulator of human expression and experience. It aims to integrate the entirety of the brain’s sensory activities in order to treat a variety of clinical and sub-clinical symptoms and disorders.

Biomedical Interventions

Many children with autism exhibit gastrointestinal, immune, allergic, sensory, motor, and physical conditions that should be treated to improve the overall health of the child. We support each family’s decision for their child. If you are interested to explore biomedical interventions we will work with you and other practitioners to support a holistic approach to healing your child.