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We are a private non-profit educational center providing data-driven, evidence-based, customized one-to-one academic and behavior programs for neurodiverse children.

The rate of autism is currently as high as 1 out of every 45 children. That rate continues to climb due to an increase of diagnoses in general, but in particular to more accurate diagnoses among females and minority groups. Every school will have to make a choice regarding how to address this population.

Most neurodiverse children in our area have two choices: public school or home education. Satisfaction with public school special education varies widely even within school districts. Homeschooling provides an additional challenge in situations where both parents are working outside the home and cannot provide the means or time to execute.

Most private schools are simply not set up to receive these children and prefer not to do so. There are a handful of private schools which do target our children, but these are either too expensive, too limited in scope, or too distant logistically to consider.

Lumen Academy solves this issue by providing a new option for families of autistic and other neurodiverse children by providing a 1:1 learning environment using therapies accepted by most major insurance. 

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