Lumen Academy is a non-profit 501(c)3 private school designed specifically for neurodiverse youth such as those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, or twice exceptionality (2e). We provide a 1:1 learning environment that empowers neurodiverse youth in K-5 to discover their highest potential.

Lumen Academy strives to be a leader in our community by integrating research-based academics and therapeutic strategies.  We use a proven approach to provide a learning experience tailored to the individual needs of your child. By leveraging the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and providing a motivating, nurturing one on one classroom environment we will help your child to find and develop their own unique gifts while preparing them for the world ahead of them.

What you’ll find at Lumen Academy:

  • A home away from home: an environment that neurodiverse children can look forward to because their needs and gifts are understood and respected
  • 1:1 ratio
  • Individual treatment plans that include: core curriculum goals, enrichment opportunities, applied behavioral therapy, activities of daily living and social skills training, occupational therapy, speech therapy, neurodevelopment therapy and alternative healthcare
  • Embedded validated methods – ABA, Verbal Behavior Therapy, Direct Instruction, Natural Environment Teaching
  • Curriculum and training supervised¬†by Board Certified Behavior Analysts
  • Rigorous data tracking and measurable outcomes
  • Staffed entirely by registered behavioral technicians